Luco Viral RNA Extraction Kit


The AMD Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is a fast and efficient way to extract high-quality genomic DNA from whole blood and other body fluids. The kit uses silica-based membrane technology in the form of a convenient spin column, reducing procedure time and complexity. A quick procedure that takes about 20 minutes and produces purified DNA that can be used in PCR, qPCR, Southern blot, and enzymatic reactions.

Nucleic acid-binding solutions for DNA and RNA isolation or extraction

The NAB Nanosep centrifugal device provides high nucleic acid binding due to its innovative double-layer fibreglass membrane. Higher throughputs generate enough samples for multiple downstream applications, saving time and money by eliminating the need to process additional samples. The NAB Nanosep® device can recover from 10,000 to 50 base pairs, allowing researchers to analyze the widest range of nucleic acid fragments in a single spin device.

Genomic DNA purification

Optimized for a variety of applications requiring higher volume processing per well

  • Chemically resistant and biologically inert polypropylene
  • The robotics-friendly design has a one-piece construction, designed in accordance with ANSI / SBS X-2004 specifications
  • Patented sealing technology individually seals each well, eliminating crosstalk
  • Extended flow directors eliminate splashing and crosstalk from filtering

Total RNA purification

The AcroPrep ™ Advance 96-Well Long Tip Filter Plate for Nucleic Acid Binding incorporates a silica-based quartz fibreglass medium to allow efficient RNA binding while providing smooth flow and throughput. samples fast. The new long nose plate minimizes the formation of hanging droplets thus reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.

North and South transfer

Nylon membranes from Pall Corporation have been recognized as the gold standard for nucleic acid detection for over 25 years. Our Biodyne® A, Biodyne B and Biodyne® Plus membranes offer unsurpassed sensitivity, low background, and batch-to-batch consistency for all radioactive and non-radioactive detection methods. These membranes are inherently hydrophilic, resulting in easy wetting through the membrane. The stability and durability of Pall Biodyne® membranes ensure that they will not crack, shrink or break when subjected to multiple cycles of hybridization, stripping and reprobation.

Plasmid purification

  • Integrated pre-filter produces constant filtration of samples with high levels of crude particles
  • Innovative outlet tip geometry provides a direct flow of samples to the receiver plate without concerns of cross-contamination
  • Manufactured from biologically inert materials that allow clarification of most types of lysates without loss of target molecules.

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